New weapon training comes to Europe

Staff Sgt. David Overson/U.S. Army Europe
U.S. Army Capt. Richard Tran, an air defense officer, and an observer coach trainer with the Warhog Team, Joint Multinational Readiness Center, trains with an FIM-92 Stinger Man-Portable, Air Defense Missile System at the Hohenfels Training Area, Hohenfels, Germany, Jan. 10.

HOHENFELS, Germany — For the first time in nearly 15 years, 7th Army Training Command’s Joint Multinational Readiness Center will soon begin observing, coaching and training Soldiers using the FIM-92 Stinger Man-Portable, Air Defense Missile System during future exercises.

In preparation for this, approximately 50 observer coach trainers attended their own training on the Stinger system at the Hohenfels Training Area, Jan. 10.

Instructors from the Fires Center of Excellence in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, traveled to Germany on a whirlwind excursion to offer their expertise with the Stinger system. Lt. Col. Aaron Felter, the director of training and doctrine for the Air Defense Integrated Office; Chief Warrant Officer 2 Stephen Ford and Sgt. 1st Class Edward Goldman, both instructors with the 30th Air Defense Artillery Brigade; provided hands-on instructions for the system that is now being reintroduced to brigade combat teams across the U.S. Army.

“Based on the Chief of Staff of the Army’s initiative, getting Europe stood up with short-range air defense Stinger teams is his first priority inside the initiative of getting Stinger teams back online,” Felter said. “We’re going to go to the National Training Center and the Joint Readiness Training Center, however, the immediate focus is Europe and getting Europe ready to fight tonight and defend Europe against any adversary.”