News flash

Upcoming holidays

Community members should be aware of the following U.S. federal and training holidays, which may affect some garrison services.

June 26 — Training holiday

June 29 — Training holiday

July 3 — Independence Day (Obsv.)

July 4 — Independence Day

July 6 — Training holiday

Call before you go on holidays. Find the garrison phonebook at For holidays, go to and click the “Community” tab, then click “Training Holidays.”

Soldiers should confirm with their local chain of command whether they have a federal or training holiday off.

COVID-19 updates

Updates are shared daily at, but community members don’t have to wait for a Facebook post to get information. Anyone can access the garrison COVID-19 page by going to and clicking the coronavirus graphic. The page contains answers to questions about on-post services, testing, tracing and coronavirus related information.

The following are some examples of the information found on the web page:

  • Impacted services and events
  • Latest guidance
  • Task Force Wellness community resources
  • Stop Movement Customer Assistance Point
  • Translations of official German press releases
  • Answers to frequently-asked questions

Additionally, readers will find links to U.S. government and German government sites, including tracking, maps and demographics.

Mental health resources

24/7 On-Call Duty Chaplain — (0611)143-548-7777 or 7778

Behavioral Health Clinic — 06371-94641320 or DSN 590-1320

24/7 Military Crisis Line, DSN 118, or Civ. 001-800-273-8255

Employee Assistance Program (0611)143-548-1402 or

Military Family Life Counselors — Hainerberg Elementary: 0152-2390-2413/2498; Wiesbaden Middle School: 0152-0269-8526; Wiesbaden High School: 0151-4558-3637