News flash – May 26, 2016

Commissary holiday hours
The Commissary will be open on the Memorial Day holiday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Official travel reminder
Travelers who have booked and arranged for official travel using the Defense Transportation System, or DTS, are required to provide copies of official travel orders to the local Sato Travel office within 72 hours of the scheduled flight. Without official travel orders, invoices cannot be reconciled and submitted to Defense Finance and Accounting Services Indianapolis for payment. If the traveler is unable to present the orders to Sato, then the official who directed the travel is responsible for doing so. For details, contact your local official travel office.

New visitor sign on
New visitor pass procedures are in place at U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Installation Access Control Points. Visitors will be issued a new escorted visitor paper pass at ACPs located on Clay Kaserne, Hainerberg (Shoppette Gate), Amelia Earhart, McCully Barracks and the DAGGER Complex. The new passes will be scanned for access to any USAG Wiesbaden installation except Giessen Distribution Center and Mainz Kastel Storage Station, where regular sign on procedures will be used. The new passes include enhanced security features and are valid for up to three days. Sponsors are required to escort their visitors while on the installation and are limited to four individuals. Visitors no longer need to sign-out. To obtain a visitor’s pass, each guest must present a valid passport or European Union nationally issued iden-tification card and be photographed.

Practice bicycle safety
Bicycle operators and passengers on U.S. military installations must wear an approved safety helmet properly fastened under the chin. Other bicycle safety rules include not using cell phones or wearing listening devices; using a headlight that emits a white light and a taillight that emits a red light; wearing light-colored clothing or reflective accessories when riding at night or in low light; and bicycle wheels must have two reflectors mounted 180 degrees apart on the spokes. Bicycle pedals must have reflectors designed and placed to be visible from the front and rear of the bicycle.

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