NTV drivers must take winter training

Mandatory training must be completed by Oct. 31 for driving a government vehicle.

All Soldiers, civilians, local nationals, Department of Defense employees and authorized volunteers operating non-tactical vehicles are required to complete Winter Drivers Orientation by Oct. 31 and report their training status to the Driver Testing and Training Station.

The following options are available to complete this annual training requirements:

  • Option 1: The DTTS located on Clay Kaserne, Bldg. 1023W, third floor in room 324 will provide classroom training by appointment only. There will be two training sessions scheduled by appointment at 1 p.m. in German and at 2 p.m. in English every Tuesday. The classroom has room for 25 people. Units, Directorates and section leaders must contact the DTTS at DSN 546-6077/6076/6075, Civ. (0611)143-546-6077/6076/6075 to schedule single and group trainings.
  • Option 2:  Units and Directorates can conduct their own training. The DTTS can provide a CD and stamp for sign out (limited sets are available for maximum 7 days). After completion of the orientation training, instructors will fill out the attendance rosters for LNs and US/DAC, and stamp the military license, OF 346 (U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator’s Identification) and DA Form 348 (Equipment Operator’s Qualification Record). Units, directorates and all section leaders will submit the completed roster of personnel trained and return the stamp to DTTS. The DTTS is responsible for notifying the Transportation Motor Pool and Safety Office.

Soldiers and civilians (Local National, DoD Employees and authorized Volunteers) who are Non-Tactical Vehicle operators and have not complied with the mandatory training will not be authorized to dispatch or operate a Non-Tactical Vehicle in this garrison, beginning Nov. 1.

Once requirements have been completed the Soldiers and civilians will be allowed to resume NTV operations.