Our brand

By Col. David Carstens
Commander of the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden 

Col. David Carstens, garrison commanderWelcome to Wiesbaden: Your home in Germay.

By now many of you have heard this friendly greeting from our Pond’s guards as you pass through the gates of any of our 17 installations here in the Wiesbaden area.  This salutation is part of a greater “branding” campaign to provide our community an organizational identity that creates a sense of community and belonging among our residents and our workforce.

We hope through this campaign to also give community members a sense of consistency and familiarity and build a relationship that is mutually beneficial to both our installation service providers and their constituency.

Among other efforts currently underway to implement this program is the “renewal project” at the Welcome Center to include visually portraying some important themes of your “Home” — serving, learning, sustaining, educating, exploring and transforming. The appearance of “front-door service” offices will be standardized with doorplates, logos and operating hours.

The garrison is also rolling out a Customer Bill of Rights to let our residents know the level of great service they can expect from each of our service providers.

The campaign will be represented at the Community Open House on Feb. 5 and by the Welcome Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in late February.

Stay tuned for more on this story as we progress.