Patient liaisons can help with off-post care

The Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic Patient Centered Medical Home is accredited by The Joint Commission. Each patient enrolled at the clinic is assigned a primary care manager on one of our PCMH teams (blue and white). In the PCMH model, our patients have a health care team that knows their medical needs, takes care of their needs, and coordinates with other health care delivery teams to provide the best quality care. Our PCMH staff includes your PCM (a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant), registered nurses, medics, clinical pharmacists, and an integrated behavioral health consultant.

The clinic also offers a variety of other services in different locations across Clay Kaserne:

Bldg. 1040
Medical and Dental Clinic
Primary Care
Physical Therapy
Public Health
Soldier Medical Readiness Cell
Patient Administration

Bldg. 1041
Family Advocacy Program
Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS)

Bldg. 1526
Outpatient Behavioral Health

Bldg. 1201
Army Wellness Center
American Red Cross

Patient satisfaction and feedback
We encourage our patients to provide feedback, positive and negative, to allow us to continually improve the patient experience and satisfaction with their care. Patients can use the following methods to provide feedback.

  • Joint Outpatient Experience Survey (JOES): Approximately 72 hours after an appointment, patients will receive a survey to complete by mail or electronically.
  • Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE): Patients can complete an ICE card or submit ICE comments online at
  • Patient Advocate: Located in the TRICARE Service Center, advocates can be reached at (06371)9464-1361 or DSN 590-1364.

Access to care
It is extremely important that all active duty military and their command-sponsored Family members enroll in TRICARE Prime. Enrollment can be accomplished either at in-processing or the TRICARE service center. One significant benefit to Prime enrollment is the access to care standards that assure you receive timely, quality care. If timely care is unavailable at the clinic, you may be referred to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center or to a host nation provider or hospital.

Patients can make appointments by using TRICARE Online,, or by calling Central Appointments at DSN:590-5762 or Civilian: (06371)9464-5762.

Access to care standards
Acute Care – 24 hours
Routine Care – 7 calendar days
Specialty Care – 28 calendar days

Virtual tools
The below tools are available to patients to schedule appointments, access information, communicate with their care teams, or to seek guidance.


  • Schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments.
  • The blue button allows patients to view their health information, including lab and radiology results, medications, immunizations and more.
  • To refill prescriptions, click on the Rx refill button, select which medications to refill, select the pharmacy location, and then submit. The refill will be ready the following business day.


  • Ask your healthcare team to register you at your next appointment.
  • Allows secure communication between patients and their primary care manager or PCM team. Best for non-emergent communication.
  • Patients can consult with their PCM or care team, request an appointment, request prescription renewal, request lab or test results.
  • Once you register, you must reply to the email to activate RelayHealth.

Patient liaisons
Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic has host nation patient liaisons who are available to assist U.S. beneficiaries hospitalized in host nation medical facilities or will accompany patients to their first outpatient visit. Contact the TRICARE service center for more information.
Patient Liaisons can be reached at (0162)270-7743 or (0162)297-1057/7746

Host nation patient liaisons can:

  • Help plan your transfer from a military treatment facility to a host nation medical facility or from a host nation facility to a military medical facility by civilian ambulance or by your privately owned vehicle.
  • Ease language barriers between the patient and host nation providers and provide the patient with a copy of the U.S. Army Europe Medical Phrase Book.
  • Talk to your host nation physician to get up-to-date information on your medical condition and treatment plan.
  • Answer questions about treatment, environment of care, and follow-up care to the best of their knowledge, or when doctors are unavailable.
  • Assess and interpret patient concerns to determine specific assistance needs.
  • Conduct follow-up visits to assess treatment progress and plans for a patient’s transfer to other hospitals or military treatment facilities.
  • Assist with the discharge of a patient from a host nation hospital.
  • Provide local resources for medical supplies and pharmacies.
  • Per request, accompany you on your first visit to a host nation provider.

In Case of Emergency

The Wiesbaden clinic does not provide emergency care. For medical emergencies, go to the nearest hospital, dial 112 off post, or call the MP station at DSN 114.

Universitätsklinik Mainz
Langenbeckstrasse 1, 55131 Mainz Oberstadt
Phone: (06131)170
Emergency Room: There are three different emergency rooms.

  • Pediatrics ER in Bldg. 109
  • Surgery ER in Bldg. 505
  • Internal Medicine ER in Bldg. 605

Helios Dr. Horst Schmidt Kliniken (HSK) Wiesbaden
Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse 100, 65199 Wiesbaden
Phone: (0611)430
Emergency Room: The HSK has a 24-hour, fully-staffed Notaufnahme (emergency room).

St. Josefs-Hospital (JOHO) Wiesbaden
Beethovenstrasse 20, 65189 Wiesbaden
Phone: (0611)1770
Emergency Room: St. Josefs has an emergency room.
Note: Patients with behavioral health crises, pediatric emergencies, and eye emergencies should not go to St. Josefs Hospital. These patients should go to the emergency room at HSK or Uniklinik Mainz.

Asklepios Paulinen Klinik Wiesbaden
Geisenheimer Strasse 10, 65197 Wiesbaden
Phone: (0611)8470
Emergency Room: APK has an emergency room.
For gynecological and obstetric emergencies, contact the gynecology department on the ground floor of the hospital on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Outside of these times, contact the emergency department.
Note: Patients with behavioral health crises, pediatric emergencies, and eye emergencies should not go to APK. These patients should go to the emergency room at HSK or Uni Klink Mainz.