Patients urged to avoid missed appointments

The Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic has been experiencing a gradual increase in the number of “no shows” for both medical and dental appointments. A no show is defined as a patient who has an appointment at the military treatment facility and neither uses the appointment nor cancels or notifies the military treatment facility of the inability to keep the appointment.

Patients are asked to arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to their appointments in order to allow for administrative processing and clinical screening. Due to unforeseen circumstances, patients may arrive late for appointments, so every effort will be made to see the patients who arrive late for their scheduled appointments.

A patient who arrives more than 10 minutes late will either be worked in, if possible, or rescheduled for another day. If the patient has to be scheduled for another day, then that missed appointment will be documented as a no-show.

A patient is not listed as a no show if:

  1. The patient calls or contacts the clinic prior to the appointment time to cancel his or her appointment.
  2. A provider is unable to see the scheduled patient and another provider sees that patient.

When a patient no shows for an appointment, there is a cost associated for both the patient and the system. Each no-show appointment represents a lost opportunity to provide health care services to other patients and hampers the clinic’s ability to meet Access to Care standards and beneficiary expectations.

During a time of projected provider shortages, it is vital that we as a community work together to reduce no-show rates. A reduction in no-show rates allows providers to improve the planning of their schedules in order to meet the needs of their enrolled patients and to provide more comprehensive care during appropriately planned appointments.

Please call (06371) 9464-1300 or DSN 590-1300 to cancel or reschedule all appointments.

Space-available appointments

The Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic is committed to providing care to our beneficiaries. However at times we need to prioritize our available appointments to ensure there is adequate access for all active duty members and other patients enrolled at the clinic.

If you are not active duty or enrolled in the clinic you may still be seen if appointments are available on the day you wish to be seen.

However, due to access constraints at this time we have modified when space available appointments can be made.

To make a space available appointment call Central Appointments after 1 p.m. at DSN 590-5762 or  (06371) 9464-5762.

We look forward to seeing you.

Lt. Col. Stacey Freeman is the commander of the Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic.