Planning your move to USAG Wiesbaden

What to expect for housing

Most housing in Germany is in walk-up apartments and townhomes, not single-Family homes with yards like in the United States. The same is true on post.
U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden has five neighborhoods — Clay Kaserne, Crestview, Aukamm, Hainerberg and Newman Village. Each has unique benefits, and, as the Housing Services Office transforms its processes, newcomers will have more choices upon arrival.

Housing requirements
Due to its large housing inventory and based on Army in Europe Regulation 420-1 , all military Families at USAG Wiesbaden are required to live on post. Single and unaccompanied Soldiers in the rank of E-6 and below also are required to live on post. Certain civilian employees, depending on their position, are authorized on-post housing, but otherwise live off post.
Neighborhoods are designated as follows: Hainerberg, junior enlisted housing; Aukamm, officer and senior noncommissioned officer housing; Clay Kaserne, enlisted and officer housing; Newman Village, officer and senior NCO housing; and Crestview, junior enlisted and officer housing.

Notify housing
Once Families receive their orders to Wiesbaden, they can contact housing via email. This is especially important if the Family has special architectural needs based on their Exceptional Family Member Program status. Ensuring medical needs are noted on the EFMP paperwork is essential. If needs aren’t documented when a Family arrives there may be delays due to processing, medical appointments and approvals required for EFMP paperwork.
It’s important customers have a greater choice, but at the same time the housing office still has to work within its regulations, said Mary Schmitt, Directorate of Public Works Housing. For this reason, it’s important to communicate early with the office about special needs.
If a home needs modifications for accessibility, those can be completed, or equipment can be ordered, before the Family arrives.

Neighborhood centers
Another change to housing is the establishment of neighborhood centers. The first neighborhood center is scheduled to open on Hainerberg in spring, so depending on their arrival timeline, junior enlisted Families may be directed to that center for a more personalized experience. Hainerberg Neighborhood Center staff will be able to help Hainerberg and Crestview Families as they arrive and throughout their stay with general neighborhood information, service orders and other needs.
After the pilot center in Hainerberg is opened, other centers are planned for Aukamm and Clay. Until the transition to the neighborhood center model is complete, staff will still be available at in-processing, Bldg. 1023, to assist residents as they move into the other neighborhoods.
During and after the neighborhood center transition, Families will still initially in-process with housing at Bldg. 1023 and be placed on the appropriate waiting list based on their requirements.

Floorplans and photos
Visit and select Wiesbaden to view floorplans and photos of housing.

Off-post housing

Those authorized to live off post can visit and search, “Army USAG Wiesbaden” to get an idea of housing available on the economy.
The Off-Post Housing Office is located in Bldg. 1023 West, Clay Kaserne. Email the office at

Some things to note about on-post housing

• Only two cats or dogs are allowed in Family housing.
• Cats and dogs are not allowed in unaccompanied housing.
• All housing has a combination of 110-volt and 220-volt outlets.
• All Family housing includes in-unit washers and dryers.
• All Family housing includes built-in dressers and closets.
• Family housing is not air conditioned.
• Because of building construction, it’s important to air homes out at least 20 minutes per day to prevent mold. To learn more, visit and search “mold.”
• Wiesbaden has high-quality water, however, water in housing is still tested for lead and legionella to meet Army and German testing requirements. For more information, visit and search “Environmental Division.”

More resources

Temporary lodging
Wiesbaden Lodge

Temporary lodging policy

Relocation Readiness

  • Welcome packets
  • Lending closet
  • Language classes
  • Spouse sponsorship

Self-Help Store
Bldg. 7802, Hainerberg
(0611) 143-548-4072
8:30 a.m. to noon and 12:45 to 3:30 p.m., Monday to Friday
Closed U.S. and German federal holidays

Thrift Shop
Ludwig-Wolker Str. 12,
Mainz Kastel
(stay tuned for informaiton on a 2019 move to Hainerberg)
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays, Thursdays and the second and fourth Saturday of each month


USAG Wiesbaden neighborhoods

Emily Jennings/Herald Union file

Junior enlisted housing
Apartments in Hainerberg, a secured installation, are within walking distance of the Exchange, Commissary, shoppette, theater, Army Community Service, schools, child care centers and many other garrison services. Downtown Wiesbaden’s pedestrian area and main train station are just two miles from Hainerberg, and pedestrian gates offer closer access for walkers.

Newman Village
Officer and senior NCO housing
USAG Wiesbaden’s newest housing area is American-style homes, which make up less than 20 percent of the housing inventory. These homes are located on Clay Kaserne and have easy access to the library, dining facility, food court, child care centers and other garrison services. Most personnel assigned to USAG Wiesbaden will work on Clay Kaserne.

Officer and senior NCO housing
The Aukamm neighborhood is located off post in the Wiesbaden community of Bierstadt. It consists of apartment, duplex and single-family homes. An elementary school is located in the community and busing is provided to the other schools on Hainerberg. Aukamm is about two miles from the Wiesbaden city center and just over two miles to the Exchange and other garrison services on Hainerberg.

Clay Kaserne
Enlisted and officer housing
Housing on the secured installation of Clay Kaserne includes Family apartments, barracks and unaccompanied personnel housing. Amenities on Clay Kaserne include a shoppette, dining facility, food court, child care, library and welcome center. Most personnel assigned to USAG Wiesbaden will work on Clay Kaserne.

Junior enlisted and officer housing
Crestview is located off post between Aukamm and Hainerberg in the Wiesbaden community of Bierstadt. Just a five-minute drive or 20-minute walk will take residents to garrison services on Hainerberg. Housing on Crestview is in apartment buildings.