Post Office moves to new location

The mailboxes in Bldg. 1030 on Clay Kaserne are new, but feature the same style as the old ones in the other building. The renovated post office building is expected to reopen Feb. 16.

The post office is moving in February to its newly renovated offices, building 1030, and its last full day of service in the old building is Feb. 11. The post office will be closed for the transition from Feb. 12 – 15 with its new opening set for Feb. 16.

In order to reduce the amount of parcels and mail to be moved, customers are asked to pick up all mail and parcels prior to Feb. 11.

Col. Mario A. Washington, commander of U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden, said the move is “more efficient and will serve the community better.”

The planning for the post office renovation began in September 2017, according to Erik T. Parsons, Supervisory Management and Program Analyst, Directorate Human Resources.

He said the initial goal was to insulate the building to protect the employees from extreme weather conditions. As the project evolved additional changes were considered and implemented to benefit both the community and employees.

A few of the changes included extending the original conveyor belt to the entire length of the operations area to reduce manual labor on the employees and increase productivity of personal and official mail. In addition, the capacity of the receptacles were increased to allow more mail while reducing damage caused by mail bunching up.

Unfortunately, because of the increased receptacle capacity, the number of receptacle in the renovated building was decreased, requiring 125 patrons to be re-assigned to new receptacles, Parsons said.