Program assists community members affected by travel ban

The travel ban implemented March 25 and expected to last until June 30, affected Soldiers, civilians and family members across the world.  To mitigate the negative consequences for community members of U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden, the Stop Movement Customer Assistance Point was brought into being.

A great number of community members who were supposed to permanently change their duty station, as well as people on personal leave or temporary change of duty station, were affected, said Christopher Curtis, SM-CAP manager. SM-CAP has a liaison function between offices, transportation, housing and other offices and assists with all kinds of questions. “We became problem solvers,” Curtis said. “We are not only assisting, but also counseling and trying to be proactive.”

So far, SM-CAP assisted over 150 people during its first month, not including phone calls. Focus points were the shipment of household goods, getting people back from TDY and personal leave, understanding the travel restrictions and exceptions to policy, but also trying to make people aware of the potential risk of exposure to the virus on a plane in case an exception to policy was requested, Curtis said. “I love helping people,” Curtis said. “People can feel free to call when they have questions.”

Contact information: Call (0611)143-548-1201 or DSN 548-1201. SM-CAP is located in Bldg. 1023W, Room 119.