Protestant Women of the Chapel holds spring service

Women gather for the spring service of the Protestant Women of the Chapel. Photo by Sarah Chester

The Protestant Women of the Chapel held their spring service Jan. 19 at the Hainerberg Chapel.

Thirty two women participated in Bible study workshops and Biblical unity adhering to COVID-19 mitigations measures throughout the event.

“We are very thankful to be able to gather to study the Bible,” said Robyn Chester, president of the PWOC. “When the world seems so uncertain, faith is a great source of comfort. It is an honor to be able to share that hope and comfort with the women of Wiesbaden.”

The ladies met together in the sanctuary so they could socially distance during the first workshop and then split into two groups. One group went downstairs into the fellowship hall for the second workshop while the other group stayed upstairs to sign up for a Bible study. They rotated after 30 minutes.

One of the members of the PWOC, Warrant Officer 2 Jessica Bezanson with the 10th Army and Air Missile Defense Command, said she attends PWOC for the opportunity to build relations with “my sisters in Christ and to walk alongside my sisters and help others if a need should arise.”

She said since Christ calls us to live and walk alongside each other in order to build one another up and to encourage one another, it cannot be done without small group interaction. PWOC provides that ability and it is a place to learn to love others, believers and nonbelievers alike, she said.