Spouses’ club awards annual scholarships

The Wiesbaden Community Spouses’ Club awarded $82,000 to 37 students in the form of scholarships — 24 to high school seniors and 13 to continuing education students — at a ceremony May 9 at Wiesbaden High School.

This year’s top winner received $9,000 total — $6,000 from WCSC and $3,000 from the Capt. Jacob Dixon III Memorial Scholarship fund. The scholarship is named for Air Force Capt. Jacob Dixon, a 1974 graduate of General H. H. Arnold High School (now WHS), who died in a private plane crash in 1982. Since then his mother, Joyce Dixon, has honored his memory through this scholarship.

This year was special because it marks the 35th year the scholarship has been offered. The top winner’s name goes on a plaque in the high school.
Rachel Baker, scholarship chair for the WCSC, read a letter at the event written by Joyce Dixon, who had originally planned to attend. In it, Dixon told scholarship recipients and their Families about her son, who attended middle school and high school in Wiesbaden. He had been an avid reader and dedicated student with a wry sense of humor, she wrote.

“Hearty congratulations are extended for the construction of the new school,” she said. “Thank you for keeping my son’s memory alive. And, congratulations to the award recipients, especially the person who receives the scholarship in my son’s memory.”

It is rewarding to be able to recognize the students, especially the high school seniors, for their contributions back to the community, Baker said.

“To see the look on these kids’ faces at the ceremony — when you see them and how grateful and thankful they are, especially since they’re just starting out — that made the difference for me.”
The WCSC raises funds for the scholarships through the WCSC Thrift Shop on Mainz Kastel Station, a gala event and monthly luncheons for members, Baker said. Most of the organization’s funds come from the thrift shop, which accepts donations and consignments, she said.

In addition to the scholarships, WCSC does community volunteer work and provides grants for organizations. For more information on WCSC scholarships visit www.wiesbadenspousesclub.com/scholarship.

Scholarship winners

2018 Wiesbaden Community Spouses Club scholarship recipients:

Continuing education
Jimmy Bradford
Josh Childs
Kyle Clemons
Gabrielle Diaz
Diandra Donnolly
Breana Fischer
Carolina Golden
David Hemphill
Sofia Lowe
Summer Murley
Evie Shaefer
Alexandra Tone
Josie Whitaker

High school recipients
Grayden Arriola
William Benson
Michael Bills
Matias Chavez
Suyeong Cho
Jana Clark
Kenneth Donnolly
Chloe Edison
Sumiah Elborotukaly
Michelle Enero
John Green
Jennifer Griffith
Madeline Harbach
Kaila Iglesias
Mallory Johnson
Tristan Laliberte
Aaron Magowan
Jenna McCormick
Andrew Scahill
Honor Stackpole
Joshua Theodore
Grace Turner
Elise Tyler
Michael Wieland