Students visit MP company for history lesson

Students from Wiesbaden Middle and High School visited the 529th Military Police Company Jan. 29 on Clay Kaserne.

“It is really an amazing event,” said 1st Sgt. Brian Vinci. “It is an opportunity to talk to … the people that we support all the time.”

Vinci explained the history of the company and the Military Police Corps and showed the kids historic artifacts in the company’s history room.

At the motor pool, the students learned about weapons and vehicles the military police use, and they were allowed to touch them and sit in the vehicles. Vinci also showed them how to use a cannon. The highlight of the visit was an actual salute battery with an M101A1 Howitzer.

First Sgt. Brian Vinci from the 529th Military Police Company explains how uniforms have changed over time, pointing out the helmet liner in the photo that the middle and high schoolers had just seen in a glass display in the history room of the company Jan. 29 on Clay Kaserne.

Sgt. Khalid Naji and Sgt. Mario Roman show students how to conduct a salute battery with a M101A1 Howitzer.

Pvt. Romina Mitchell shows a student how to hold a M4A1.

First Sgt. Brian Vinci shows a M240B machine gun to middle and high schoolers visiting his company Jan. 29 to learn more about the MP Corps.