Tailor safety measures this holiday season

U.S. Army Europe, in coordination with allies and partner nations throughout the region, are actively working to protect Soldiers, Department of the Army civilians, contractors and Family members living and traveling throughout Europe.

“We do this by reinforcing vigilance and awareness, providing advice on measures to enhance security, and implementing notification and reporting procedures for all Department of Defense personnel,” said Keith Horne, a force protection specialist for the USAREUR Anti-terrorism Division.

“Winter in Europe brings many fun-filled and exciting activities, such as festivals, concerts and markets,” Horne said. “Unfortunately, in the past few years we have seen that events and venues like these can also attract terrorists. Our hosts are actively protecting these events, but our adversaries, many of whom are inspired by terrorist organizations, are limiting their exposure and employing attack methods that do not raise suspicion, such as vehicle ramming and edged weapons.”

With current threats increasingly difficult to detect and deter, individual awareness and vigilance play an even greater role.

“We must think and prepare individually, and apply relevant and effective measures to help reduce risk to ourselves, friends and Families,” Horne said.

The AT Division urges people to think about specific situations in order to develop safety measures tailored to their activities and local security environment. To facilitate these efforts, the USAREUR anti-terrorism team maintains a robust social media presence consisting of several websites covering a variety of AT-related information. Highlights include State Department travel alerts and warnings, updated information on current threats and mitigation measures, and links to downloadable pamphlets and brochures for many special events or travel in Europe.

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