The truth behind weight change

Wiesbaden Army Wellness Center

The old saying, “the scale lies” may not be entirely accurate, but there is some truth to the statement. While your scale may in fact give you the accurate measurement of your body mass (body weight) it doesn’t give you the whole picture of your body mass changes. When you are taking the time to make improvements in your life to better your health, the Army Wellness Center is here to give the most accurate measurements to help monitor your progress.

Most notably, the Army Wellness Center utilizes the BOD POD® Body Composition Tracking System to accurately assess clients’ weight and body composition changes over time. Body composition goes beyond the number on the scale and determines if weight comes from fat or fat free mass. If you have set a weight change goal and you can see that the number on the scale isn’t moving like you had hoped, the AWC should be your next stop.

After completing a client’s measurements, staff can look at the numbers and see that yes, they may have only lost 5 pounds of weight overall, but a closer look shows that they actually lost 8 pounds of fat and built three pounds of fat free weight (typically muscle mass). This gives the client the whole picture and helps keep the motivation high through their journey, Wellness Center staff said.

If you are interested in the use of the BOD POD® or any other services provided by the Army Wellness Center, please stop in Bldg. 1201 on Clay Kaserne or call 06371-9464-1478. Army Wellness Services are free to all DoD ID holders 18 and older.