TKS introduces easyTV at AUKAMM, USAG Wiesbaden

Over 100 popular television networks, 47 HD channels, plus AFN digital.

Kaiserslautern, Germany – March 03, 2014 – TKS will introduce it’s popular easyTV cable television service at Wiesbaden’s Aukamm housing area on March 03, 2014.

easyTV is an all-digital home entertainment platform that features the top USA cable networks with 109 digital channels, 47 HD networks, and includes all AFN digital channels. State-side favorites include ABC, CBS, NBC, Discovery, FX, History, Starz, and Encore; as well as high-definition major league and college sports networks. (The complete channel lineup is found on page 2.) Basic service starts at only €19.95 per month.

With easyTV it is possible make recordings of your favorite shows, so that they can be viewed at your convenience. Using the easyTV DVR (digital video recorder), viewers can make both real-time and scheduled recordings; live television can be paused and played back at any time.

The introduction of easyTV coincides with TKS’s recent overhaul and modernization of Aukamm’ s communications infrastructure. The new optical fiber network will also deliver easyConnect telephone and high-speed Internet services with standard features such as same-day activation, free USA calls, and flat-rate broadband‒with download speeds up to 32,000 Kbps including unlimited data volume.

easyTV and easyConnect can be requested a TKSShop in your local Exchange. In the USAG Wiesbaden, visit the TKSShop located in the Hainerberg Exchange Mall, Mon-Sat: 10:00-19:00. To view video highlights and learn more about easyTV, visit the TKS website at

easyTV | Standard Features
• top USA cable networks
•– 47 HD channels
•– DVR: record, pause, and rewind live TV
•– free activation
• no long-term contract
•– AFN digital included