Traffic news – June 23, 2016

Traffic advisory for Clay
– To improve safety, Hargis Street at the five corners intersection near the health clinic will be permanently changed to a dead-end street starting June 27. Through traffic will longer be permitted.

– A paving and restriping project will disrupt traffic at the five corners intersection June 27 through the end of the year. The project will require the phased closure of the following streets: Winter Corner, Hargis Street, Heerstrasse, King Ave. and Lucas Street. Drivers should stay alert for detour signage.

Traffic advisory for Hainerberg
Due to ongoing construction projects, drivers should expect traffic disruptions on Hainerberg for the next several months. The following changes begin July 5:

– The exit-only access gate next to the Hainerberg Exchange facilities will close for vehicle and pedestrian traffic due to the Access Control Point construction. All traffic must exit at the Hainerberg Gate at New York Strasse until the new ACP opens this Fall. Due to this gate closure, the Hainerberg Gate at New York Strasse will no longer provide dual-lane entry between the hours of 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. on weekdays.

-A portion of Washingtonstrasse nearest the Exchange will narrow and become one lane.

-The Washingtonstrasse entrance/exit to the Exchange parking lot will be restricted to service and delivery vehicles.

-Vehicle access to the Exchange parking lot will be from Texasstrasse only. Drivers are advised to stay alert for revised permanent road signage, use caution until familiar with new traffic patterns, and adjust travel times accordingly.