Travel guidance, protective measures for public events

USAREUR Antiterrorism Division

This guide provides general location and activity-based tips. It is important to tailor protective measures to your situation.

Festivals, concerts, Christmas markets and public events

  • Stay vigilant and situationally aware.
  • Report suspicious activity, unattended bags or anything outside of the norm.
  • Avoid high traffic and peak visiting times.
  • Avoid locations which restrict or limit movement or ability to exit the venue quickly.
  • Remain especially observant near pedestrian entry and exit points.
  • Don’t stay near controlled entrances where crowds gather and be extra vigilant when moving through.
  • Do not loiter in areas accessible to large vehicles.
  • Know where emergency evacuation points are located and establish predetermined Family or group rally points.
  • Identify closest exit point to your location.
  • Locate other exit points and have an escape plan.
  • Active shooter response is, run, hide, fight.
  • Move away from incidents, seek cover and avoid panicked crowds.
  • If an attack occurs and you are in a safe area, attempt to communitcate with responders electronically.


  • Do not move toward responders unless directed.
  • Remain calm.
  • Be prepared to answer security or first responder questions.
  • Exit the location as quickly as possible, keeping in mind the security environment.
  • Secure personal identification documents and have them readily available.
  • Remember where predetermined Family or group rally points are located.
  • Help others when appropriate.
  • Ensure responders and medical personnel know your nationality, if appropriate.

Returning home

  • Remain vigilant and situationally aware.
  • Update chain of command, legal or law enforcement as required.
  • Provide lessons learned to chain of command.