Volunteers get covered in sawdust

Staff Sgt. Dustin Vanfleet, Spc. Cuba Evans and Pfc. Joshua Crowell put sawdust from the extraction system in a trash can. 
Sgt. 1st Class Chris Salles, Staff Sgt. Dustin Vanfleet, and Staff Sgt. David Head shovel dust into a trash can. 
Spc. Cuba Evans, Pfc. Joshua Crowell and Staff Sgt. David Head dump trash cans with sawdust into a waste container. 
Staff Sgt. Dustin Vanfleet and Staff Sgt. Cetra Banks fill a trash can with sawdust.

Cleaning day at the Woodshop: Six volunteers from the Sergeant Morales Club went out into a rainy January day to complete a dusty job. The extraction system that takes all the dust from saws, planers and sanders has to be emptied once in a while. “We build furniture to order for Soldiers and their Families and make plaques for units to present to outgoing service personnel,” said John Gardner-Brown, the woodshop manager at the Wiesbaden Arts and Crafts Center. “We also teach Soldiers and their Families how to make projects, giving one-on-one guidance.”

The Sergeant Morales Club is known for the voluntary commitment of its members. “We just try to give back to the community in as many ways as we can; and this is just one of the many ways we do that,” said Sgt. 1st Class Chris Salles. It is a club that was created to recognize non-commissioned officers that strive to be better than average. Thus, its members are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

Find more information on the Sergeant Morales Club at www.facebook.com/USAREURSMC/ and on the Woodshop at wiesbaden.armymwr.com/programs/arts-crafts-center.