Voter registration cards distributed Jan. 15


It’s been one month since the 2016 Presidential general election; however, Army Voting Assistance officers are looking to motivate voters to participate in hometown elections during the 2017 “off-year” elections.

“There will be some major decisions taking place in elections across the United States during 2017,” said John Kaiser, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden’s voting assistance officer.

According to Kaiser, some of these decisions on Nov. 7, 2017 include Governor races in New Jersey and Virginia and many Mayoral races in large cities such as Atlanta, Ga; Boston Md.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Charlotte, N.C.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Los Angeles, Calif.; Minneapolis, Minn.; New York City, N.Y.; San Bernardino, Calif.; and Seattle, Wash. — not to mention many other cities, one of which could be your home town.

Voter registration Federal Post Card Application cards, or FPCA, will be distributed to Soldiers, and voting age Family members and civilians stationed overseas no later than Jan. 15. The FPCA starts the absentee voting process and will extend your eligibility to receive a ballot for all federal elections for at least one calendar year. The FPCA acts as both a registration and absentee ballot request form.

Overseas voters should submit a new FPCA every year and when they move or change duty stations.

Voters can get their FPCA by going to the Federal Voting Assistance Program website at or by picking up a hard copy version from their unit voting assistance officer or the Installation Voting Assistance Office in Bldg. 1023 East on Clay Kaserne (second floor, above the ID Card Section).

Military members overseas can visit, to learn more about the 2017 elections in their hometowns. For assistance contact John Kaiser, USAG Wiesbaden Voting Assistance Officer at (0611) 143-548-1321.