VTF to help pets find new home

The Wiesbaden Veterinary Treatment Facility will soon launch a new program aimed at helping U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden community members find good homes for their pets, or good pets for their homes.

Beginning Feb. 22, community members can visit the veterinary clinic to post ads looking for, and providing, pets for adoption.

“There’s a need [in the community] for Soldiers that can’t take their pets with them to be able to place their pets up for adoption,” said Capt. Melissa Dugan, officer in charge of the Veterinary Treatment Facility.

Those interested in placing their pets up for adoption should visit the VTF and fill out a form providing the basic information about the animal (such as age, sex, etc.); any pertinent medical information (the veterinary clinic is unable to give this information out to prospective new owners) or special needs the animal may have; and the current owners contact information.

All pets must be for adoption, not sale, according to Dugan.

She added while a photo isn’t required, it is suggested.

Adoption information will remain on the board for 30 days at a time, according to Dugan. After that, owners will have to come in and let the clinic know they’d like to repost.

Pets being put up for adoption must be registered with the veterinary clinic, and the service is only open to U.S. ID card holders.

The clinic recommends current pet owners place their pets up for adoption 90 days out, but, the earlier their put up for adoption the better.

For more information, or for any questions, please call the veterinary clinic at civ (0611) 143-546-0700 or DSN 546-0700.