Wellness center helps Soldiers fight obesity

Over 17% of active duty Soldiers are categorized as being obese. Obesity is an obvious threat to Soldier readiness as it increases the rate of musculoskeletal injuries, non-deployability, Army Physical Fitness Test failures, and chronic illnesses. In an effort to facilitate the successful rehabilitation of those placed in the Army Body Composition Program, the Army Wellness Center is readily available to provide all the necessary tools and resources to accommodate all USAG Wiesbaden Soldiers enrolled in the ABCP.

According to the latest guidelines outlined in AR 600-9, effective Aug. 16, Army Wellness Centers will provide evidence-based health and wellness assessments, general wellness education, and coaching on healthy sleep, activity and nutrition to include weight management, goal setting, performance, and proper exercise and fitness techniques. At a minimum, all USAG Wiesbaden Soldiers enrolled in the ABCP will receive initial and post assessments, which consist of metabolic testing and health and body composition assessments. Commanders are required to ensure the Soldiers enrolled in the ABCP conduct an initial and post assessment at the AWC within one week of enrollment and release from the ABCP.

The initial and post assessments conducted at the AWC will be annotated on the Soldier’s action plan, in addition to other requirements as mandated by AR 600-9. The Soldier is also encouraged to bring a copy of their Soldier action plan and DA Form 5500 or DA Form 501 to every AWC visit for review, progress check and command verification. The Army Wellness Center also offers stress management and tobacco education classes.

Call the Army Wellness Center at (06371)9464-1478 or DSN 590-1478 to schedule appointments or stop by Bldg. 1201 on Clay Kaserne for a quick tour of the facility. The Army Wellness Center is here to provide the resources needed to improve the overall well-being of Soldiers, family members, Department of the Army civilians, and retirees. We look forward to serving you.


Lt. Col. Stacey S. Freeman is the commander of the Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic.