Wellness center offers free services

Lisa Cox, Army Wellness Center director, shows how metabolic testing works.

Tools help customers take charge of their health

The Wiesbaden Army Wellness Center offers free services to enhance health and overall well-being. Reasons for taking advantage of these services include weight goals, fitness testing, stress management, sleep issues and the wish to quit tobacco.

“Come see us,” said Lisa Cox, director of the AWC. “If you were in the states, you would pay a lot for these services. I am shocked at the amount of people who don’t come in to see us at least just once to try it.”
When it comes to weight goals, either wanting to gain or lose weight, or just to maintain it, metabolic testing can be of great help. It determines the resting metabolic rate of the body which consumes “about 70 percent of the calories people burn every day,” Cox said. “So that’s a great baseline to judge how many calories you should be eating.”

The test takes about 20 minutes. The person lies down with a canopy over the head while oxygen consumption is measured. Test results are provided during the one-hour class, Upping Your Metabolism, which takes place every Friday at noon. Information about human metabolism and useful tips about healthy nutrition are given along with exact recommendations on how many calories to consume per day depending on personal weight goals.

The BOD POD, also humorously referred to as the “egg spaceship,” is a machine that measures body fat via air displacement technology. It is very accurate, and just takes two minutes. Personal trainers from the fitness center often send their clients over to have the test done in order to tailor fitness programs to their clients’ needs. In addition, when measuring body fat on a monthly basis, people can keep track of the changes their bodies undergo when exercising regularly.

Lisa Fisher, with the AWC, opens the BOD POD, a machine that measures body fat via air displacement technology.

When pursuing specific fitness goals, people can check their fitness by having VO2 testing. This oxygen test reflects cardiorespiratory fitness. The more oxygen the body consumes, the more fit the person. The test also shows the ideal heart rate zones depending on personal goals. Thus, maximum training efficiency can be reached; whether the goal is winning the next marathon or just getting in better shape.

Stress and sleep issues affect many people in their daily lives making them feel unwell or even sick. Quitting tobacco is stressful for most smokers. Biofeedback can help. It is a process of learning how to change physiological activity in order to calm down and relax. The AWC teaches meditation techniques, and monitors heart rate and heart rate variability at the same time. The purpose is to show these techniques actually work over time without further monitoring.

Additionally, the AWC offers one of four different health-related classes every week. The topics include healthy diet, stress management, fitness and exercise, and healthy sleep habits. Classes are free, but pre-registration is required. Classes take place from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. every Thursday.

All adult Department of Defense ID card holders are eligible for these services: Soldiers and dependents, civilians and dependents, and local nationals. If interested, appointments can be made via phone or in person at the AWC (Bldg. 1201, second floor, parking lot entrance, phone: (06371)9464 -1478, DSN: 590-1478).

For more information, visit http://rhce.amedd.army.mil/wiesbaden/Services/ArmyWellnessCenter.html.

Opening hours:
Monday – Thursday: 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., closed from noon – 1 p.m.
Friday: 7:30 a.m. – noon