What is the Family Advocacy Program?

Many times when a military family is going through marital discord, parenting challenges, or other stressful life events, they are directed to the Family Advocacy Program. It may sound simple; however, most Army installations, including Wiesbaden, have two Army Family Advocacy Programs. One program aims to prevent domestic abuse and neglect, and the other works to treat domestic abuse and neglect. Both are governed by the same Army Regulation 608-18 and work to eliminate domestic abuse. So, which one do you need?

Army Community Service houses the FAP prevention program with a wide range of support services such as community education, the New Parent Support Program, domestic abuse victim advocates, parenting education classes, command outreach, and non-medical counseling to strengthen families and address challenges which may lead to child or partner maltreatment.   

The Army Medical Command manages the FAP clinical program, tasked with assisting and ensuring the safety of military families through clinical assessment and treatment following indications of child or partner abuse or neglect. Not all families seen by FAP clinical are experiencing events rising to the level of abuse; however, when situations appear to be escalating, or have escalated, FAP clinical can assist with evidence-based therapies to reduce risks and prevent future maltreatment.

If you or someone you know has questions or needs help, do not hesitate to call. To report abuse call the military police desk at DSN 114 or (0611)143-548-7777. For prevention services contact ACS FAP at (0611)143-548-9201 or DSN (314) 548-9201. For the 24/7 Domestic Abuse Hotline call 0162 297 5625. For FAP clinical services questions contact DSN (314) 590-1312. FAP providers understand the unique challenges and stresses military families face. FAP has been established to help our military families and we will strive to provide the best services possible to meet their needs.