Wiesbaden community & school photos – January 31, 2013



Learning a love for reading
Military Family Life Consultant (MFLC) Trish Elkins reads with Julian, Daniel and Jocelyn.



Ready, Aim…
Daniel and Hailey take aim. Children enjoy regular fitness activities as part of their CYS Services Strong Beginnings program at Clay Kaserne.



Emily Sammons dressed as Juliette Gordon Lowe is waiting for the next person to push the “button” (a sticky label) on her hand.



Living Wax Museum
Janet Minchin’s fifth grade class at Hainerberg Elementary School wowed parents on January 22, 2013, with their Living Wax Museum project.
Kaden Parker (AKA George Lucas) stood ready to talk about his famous public figure once the “button” (a sticky label) on his hand was pushed.



Shoncire’ Graham embodies Mary McLeod during the event.



From left: Jaquori, Michael, Andrew and Maki have a fun time with Legos.



Family style dining
Leila and Addison set the table for “family style dining”- Another fun, skill building activity, that is part of the Strong Beginning’s program at Clay Kaserne Child Development Center.



Dodge ball
Dodge Ball is a favorite game at Clay Kaserne School Age Center. The game this day was a bit more exciting as USAG Wiesbaden Command Sergeant Major Mustafa joined Damatya Warren and Giovanni Walker II.