Wiesbaden High School robotics team wins Leonardo award

Photo courtesy of Peter Witmer
Left to Right: Dennis Sarsozo, Sandra Whitaker, Nicholas Barron, Frank Pendzich and James Parker Crumbly, representing Wiesbaden High School, pose with their Leonardo Project award for the Mathematics and Information Technologies category.

Wiesbaden High School’s, Innovations in Robotics Control Systems team won a Leonardo trophy in the Mathematics and Information Technologies category during a gala event June 20 at the Wiesbaden Staatstheater.

Trophies were awarded in 12 categories, including Inclusion, Ideas for Wiesbaden, Design, Film, Online, Technology, Natural Science, Bands, Music Composition, Theater and Mathematics and Information Technology.

More than 1,000 students from 30 Wiesbaden Schools participated in the Leonardo Project, established in 2003 by the Wiesbaden Foundation. The foundation’s goal is to inspire student achievement and innovation.

This was the WHS team’s third Leonardo Project. “It was nice to win this time,” said Frank Pendzich, Robowarrior robotics program mentor and teacher at the school.

Also participating in this year’s Leonardo Project competition were The King and I, from WHS, and Who Can Build a Better Mouse Trap Racecar, a joint project from Wiesbaden Middle School and the Wiesbaden Teen Center program.

Wiesbaden Foundation Leonardo Project President Thomas Michel said during his remarks to audience, “the quality of student projects continues to improve and impress.” He added that planning for Leonardo Project 2019 is already underway.

Read more about the Leonardo Project at http://www.leonardo-award.de/.

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