Wiesbaden JROTC honors veterans

Cadet Ella Griffin of the Wiesbaden High School JROTC recites a poem at the Our Heroes Tree in honor of all veterans.

Wiesbaden High School Principal Dr. Heather Ramaglia recognized and honored her father, Vince Ramaglia, who served in the U.S. Navy during Vietnam, by placing a memento on the Our Heroes Tree. The tree was put up by the WHS JROTC to honor veterans.

Wiesbaden High School JROTC Warrior Battalion is honoring veterans in the community who have served throughout history. The student body and faculty of Wiesbaden High School participated in a ceremony to commemorate veterans through an “Our Heroes’ Tree.” The Heroes’ Tree stands at the entryway to the school and will stand through Dec. 1. Students and faculty are encouraged to leave a memento to honor their veterans.


Cadet Capt. Charlie Lopez served as the narrator of the ceremony. A Heroes’ Tree poem was recited by Cadet Ella Griffin. Designated cadets recognized the 14 veterans currently working on the faculty at the high school. Dr. Heather Ramaglia joined in by recognizing and honoring her father Vince Ramaglia who served in the U.S. Navy during Vietnam.


WHS JROTC encourages the community to honor their veterans by placing their own ornament or memento on the tree as long as it’s standing.


Cadet Sgt. Maj. Samuel Houston said, “A good reminder through time of trouble about how important it is to be selfless.”