Your parking questions answered

Q. What types of designated parking will exist within the new policy?

A. Official Use Vehicle, Handicap, Customer-Timed, General Officer-level, Expectant Mothers, Gold Star Families, and Family Homes and Apartment parking will be the only types of designated parking as of May 15. For full details see USAG Wiesbaden Command Policy Letter #11, Reserved, Designated and General Parking.


Q. Do those living in the barracks have to use the garage?

A. Yes. USAG Wiesbaden is working to correct force protection deficiencies that currently exist. Parking will be removed near barracks and office buildings with an occupancy of 100 or more persons.


Q. Is this change to create more parking for senior leaders?

A. No. In fact, the new parking policy removes most existing senior leadership designated parking throughout Clay Kaserne. The new policy allows only general officers, SES and their command sergeants major to receive designated parking.


Q. Is this removing designated parking for places like the clinic?

A. No, these changes rebalance customer parking throughout the installation. In most cases, additional parking that had been designated for building staff will be freed up for general-use parking, or converted to customer-only parking. In general, the new policy will allow for more parking for customers visiting organizations throughout the installation.


Q. Does this mean we’re losing our designated parking in housing?

A. No. Under the new policy, like before, government homes or apartments in access controlled/perimeter enclosed family housing areas will have one designated parking space per housing unit.


Q. Will designated parking for handicap individuals be removed?

A. There will be a reduction of the number of handicap parking spaces in the large parking deck in favor of more general parking in the parking deck. But otherwise handicap parking spaces for individuals will increase near places of work and business, in accordance with the Uniformed Federal Accessibility Standards, Architectural Barriers Act, DoD guidelines and the Americans with Disabilities Act. In accordance with AER 190-1, individuals authorized to park in disabled parking must obtain and use U.S. Army Europe issued handicap placards.


Q. What are the penalties for parking in handicap, customer timed or other designated parking incorrectly?

A. Penalties for parking policy violations include a DD Form 1408 (Armed Forces Traffic Ticket) for first time offenders; a warning letter from the USAG Wiesbaden garrison commander for serious or repeat offenders; suspension of on-post driving privileges for serious or repeat offenders; or other penalties in accordance with the UCMJ and AER 27-9, if applicable.

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