Your protection begins with you

Personal and Family protective measures

Festivals, markets and public events

  • Avoid high traffic or peak times
  • Pay close attention to vehicle entry and exit points
  • Know where emergency evacuation points are located
  • Establish a predetermined family or group rally point


  • Arrive early enough to avoid rushing, but not so early you are waiting for long periods
  • Keep watch for suspicious or unattended bags
  • Avoid broadcasting your DoD affiliation
  • Stay aware of emergency escape exit points
  • When using public transportation, aisle seats may provide shelter from external threats

For all trips

  • Travel in small groups and vary routes
  • Let your unit, coworker, Family or battle buddy know where you’re going and your exptected return
  • Be inconspicuous
  • Do not wear clothing with U.S. or DoD markings
  • Avoid talking loudly or drawing attention to yourself
  • Be aware of your surroundings and potential safe havens

Rally points

  • Select easily recognizable primary and alternate meeting spots near home
  • Also consider points near schools or other frequented locations
  • Look for rally points that offer additional protection, such as walls, trees and barriers
  • Make sure everyone in the Family knows where to go and what to do, and share the plan with a trusted neighbor
  • Draw a map and discuss with Family members
  • When traveling, identify local safe havens such as hospitals, police stations, embassies, Red Cross or the local equivalent, protected hotels, military bases and industrial complexes

Communication plan

  • Establish an easily understood communication plan
  • Your Family may not be together when a disaster or emergency strikes, so plan how you will contact one another and review what you will do in different situations
  • Consider a plan where Family members call or email the same friend or relative
  • FEMA provides examples at
  • Program cell phones with emergency information
  • Create a contact card and ensure all members have access to the card and understand how to use it.

For more information, contact the U.S. Army Europe Antiterrorism Division at (0611)143-537-3130.